Stargazer Midnight Fringe Jacket


Introducing the "Stargazer Midnight Fringe Jacket," a stunning and glamorous denim jacket that combines celestial charm with edgy design.

This oversized denim jacket features a washed and distressed finish, giving it a vintage and rugged appearance. The studded gem rhinestone fringe on the jacket adds a touch of sparkle and drama, creating a dazzling effect reminiscent of a starry night sky.

Crafted with care, the Stargazer Midnight Fringe Jacket is made from a fabric blend of 85% cotton, 10% polyester, and 5% viscose, ensuring a comfortable and soft feel against your skin.

The celestial-inspired design and fringe detail make this jacket a standout piece, perfect for those who want to add a touch of cosmic magic to their wardrobe.

The versatility of this denim jacket allows you to style it in various ways. Pair it with a simple tee and jeans for a casual day out or wear it over a dress to add a touch of edge and glamour to your look.

Whether you're attending a music festival, a night out with friends, or simply want to embrace your inner stargazer, the Stargazer Midnight Fringe Jacket is the ideal choice to elevate your style and make a statement. Embrace the celestial magic and edgy flair with this fashionable and dazzling jacket, and shine bright like the stars wherever you go.


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