Are YOU ready to rep Cactus Rose?

We'd love for you to represent Cactus Rose!  We are currently accepting applications for Social Media Brand Reps.


Cactus Rose Boutique, LLC's Brand Rep Requirements:

  • United States Resident
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Clear, quality photos
  • Photos that represent the style.

What we are after:

  • Western, fashionable girls to represent Cactus Rose Boutique
  • Stylish women who embrace fashion through flashy clothes and accessories
  • Ladies who post their styles on social media and love to show off their uniqueness

What's in it for you:

  • If chosen, you will represent Cactus Rose Boutique by posting on Social Media wearing your Cactus Rose items! 
  • You'll help promote sales, new arrivals, giveaways, and promotions.
  • In exchange for high-quality photos posted, you will receive a hearty discount code toward personal purchases on our site!
  • You will be given a unique discount code to market on social media.
  • You will have a 4-month contract (that can be renewed upon performance)
  • We will track sales using your discount code to determine sales to Cactus Rose Boutique.  We will then give bonuses and incentives based on sales.
  • Should you decide to not represent Cactus Rose Boutique, LLC after being chosen and sent items, we have a right to pull your contract and invoice you for the items that were initially sent to you. 



1) Leave your name, email, and phone number below!

2) Copy and Paste the following questions / your answers below!

1. Facebook Link:
   Instagram Name:
2. Have you placed an order with Cactus Rose Boutique? IF NOT-- please keep in mind we like to support gals who support us first! Please consider shopping with us prior to applying for this position as we will ask for photos of you rocking your Cactus Rose gear! 
3. Why would you be a perfect fit for Cactus Rose Boutique?
4. How would YOU describe your style?
5. How many posts per week can you commit to? 
6. Are you currently, or have in the past, been affiliated as a brand rep for other companies? If so, who for and how long have you been a rep? 
7. What is your favorite item offered from Cactus Rose Boutique?
8. Who is your favorite Western Fashion Influencer and why?